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Grifols SA: How an advance payment becomes a loan Part I

Gotham City Research published Grifols SA: Focus on Related Parties and Corporate Governance on 20 February 2024, which primarily consisted of a list of questions for Grifols.  Later within the day, Grifols released a press release in response, in which the company stated: “We have already addressed each of their malicious and misleading questions”. Grifols also stated in the same press release, “The Grifols Board continues to reiterate its strong commitment to transparency, integrity, and ethical conduct.”

In our opinion, Grifols did not address all our questions, and thus we find their claim incorrect. We also question the company’s commitment to transparency, integrity, and ethical conduct. To learn more, please read our report:

2024 03 06 - How an advance payment becomes a loan
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